Bombay Design House is a boutique studio that aims to stitch unique visual experiences. We're neither an Ad Agency, nor a Production House, though we have both the design sensibilities and the resources to be either. We're definitely not into Fashion! (though we fancy our designs to be rather fashionable)

Our work ranges from Branding and Identity, Broadcast Design, Publication and Illustrations but the medium of strength has been Videos and Animation. All we need is a basic brief (sometimes we even sniff it out) and we churn out a finished product under deliciously crunch timelines. We pride ourselves in our finesse and the heart that we put in incubating design solutions. We have a team of variously talented designers, graphic artists, animators and writers and together we work towards finding innovative ways to tell your story better.

There's no such thing as a 'good story'.

There are only stories well told...!



Ritu is a graduate in Animation Film Design, from NID. Her interests lie in writing, pretty illustrations and innovating with different materials and techniques in animation. She believes, that a visual medium should be able to emote so the viewer retains it as a lasting experience, rather than just a product. The best kind of story telling is what comes straight from the heart.



Snigdha is a Graduate in Animation Film Design, from NID. She believes in honest and simple design (with a healthy dose of quirky). She is drawn to the world of visuals and is constantly trying her hand at - photography, illustration, graphics, and videos. She loves ideating and often jumps into discussions and conversations (sometimes to the chagrin of her colleagues). A stickler for time and neatness!

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